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Papua New Guinea
United States of America
MBf Holdings Berhad is an investment holding company and a provider of management services to its subsidiaries.
The Group operates in six business segments:
Trading and Manufacturing:
Retailing and wholesaling of merchandise, support of information systems and office equipment, shipping, automotive and heavy earthmoving equipment and printing of packaging boxes.more>>
Provision of property management, investment in properties, property development including dealing in land and estate management.more>>
Plantation and Farming:
Agriculture - copra, cocoa, coffee, tea production and coconut oil mill operation.
Agro/Aquaculture - cattle, prawn farming and balsa tree growing. more>>
Financial Services:
Provision of financial services.more>>
Shipping Business:
Provision of shipping services.more>>
Other Businesses:
Other business segments include investment holding, media booking and education, none of which are of a sufficient size to be reported separately.more>>
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