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Corporate Profile
The Company was incorporated as a private limited company in Malaysia under the Companies Ordinances, 1940-1946 on 10 October 1963 (and was converted to a public limited company on 21 October 1963) under the name of Island Hotels & Properties (Malaysia) Limited. Subsequently, its name was changed to Island Hotel & Properties (Malaysia) Berhad and Pacific Development Credit Berhad on 15 April 1966 and 26 May 1976 respectively. The Company assumed its present name, MBf Holdings Berhad ("MBfH") on 20 July 1981.
The authorised and paid-up share capital of MBfH is RM1,500,000,000 and RM577,517,276 respectively, comprising ordinary shares of RM1.00 each.
The MBfH Group employs over 11,000 employees of which more than 700 employees are in Malaysia. MBfH is an investment holding company with diversified interest in Malaysia and overseas.
MBfH's principal activities in Malaysia are shipping, printing and manufacturing of food packaging materials. Its major overseas operations are through MBf Carpenters Pty Limited ("MBf Carpenters"), a wholly owned subsidiary in Australia, having interests in the South Pacific, principally in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu.
The principal activities of MBf Carpenters are :-
Merchandising, automotive and heavy earthmoving equipment sales and service, hardware merchants, road transport & shipping agents, financial services, owners & administrators of property and investments.
Papua New Guinea
Automotive sales and service, merchandise retailing and wholesaling, agriculture comprising the growing and processing of tea, coffee, cocoa and copra, operating a coconut oil mill, cattle farming, owners of property and investments, trading of information technology product and services and retailing of electronic and electrical appliances, household furniture and furnishing, and shipping agency.
Automobile sales & services, and commodities trading particularly copra and cocoa.
Australia Investment holding
In addition to the above, MBfH has operations in Thailand, Tonga and USA where the principal activities are factoring & education, banking and property ownership & management respectively.
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