MBf Graduate Schemes

Supply Chain Management Scheme

From sourcing raw materials to delivering the end product, our Supply Chain gets our products to customers and consumers and plays a major role in our sustainability mission. As a Supply Chain Management Trainee, you will play an essential role to ensure the operation is able to meet customers’ demands through efficient balance of materials and the finished goods supply chain. You’ll assist with the management of the Supply Chain team, improving its effectiveness by implementing relevant supply chain principles, and challenging current practices.

With the MBf Supply Chain Management Scheme, through formal learning with in-house training, experience with hands-on project work you will work with experts within the Printing Industry to develop products for the FMCG giants of the globe such as McDonalds and Starbucks. At MBf Printing, Supply Chain Management Trainees will focus on learning Planning, Procurement, Production, Logistics, Customer Service and Customer Development.